Third Party Companies and ISNetworld®

ISNetworld® has a disclaimer at the bottom of their homepage that states third party companies claim to help you with your ISNetworld® account and may contact your company for business. You should be careful regarding these companies because they are not ISNetworld®.

ISNetworld® does this because they believe that you can handle your account without any help or if you need help they can resolve all your problems. This may not always be the case. Some companies try for months or years to become ISNetworld® compliant. It is not always easy because you may be a small company and do not believe you need certain programs or you cannot get your insurance approved. Third party companies can help with this because they service multiple accounts and can determine what insurance is mandatory, what can be waived and what changes need to be made to safety programs to get you complaint. Not all third party companies are bad or even charge a lot. If a company claims they can get you compliant but it will cost an arm and a leg plus an annual subscription avoid them. There are much cheaper companies out there with annual subscriptions or even on a per job basis that can often do a better job. Call around and ask your friends whom they go through. It can save you time and a headache.

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How long can it take to become compliant with ISNetworld®?

The timeline to become ISNetworld® complaint varies. Filling out all the information and questionnaires can take as little as one day. If you have all of the other information such as safety programs, insurance certificates, and training certificates it could take as little as a week. Safety programs usually get approved within about 5 days. EMRs, OSHA logs, workers compensation certificates can take about 4 days to get approved. Training documents can take about 5 days as well. Insurance is a whole other animal. Expect your insurance certificate to come back rejected at least once. It is easy to send over the requirements to your insurance broker, but even then there can be some mistakes, which causes it to get rejected. Stay patient. ISNetworld® usually takes 5 days to review this as well, however I have seen them be reviewed the next day and I have seen them reviewed a month later.

Stay away from companies that say you can get compliant within 24-48 hours. This is not true because once you submit everything, ISNetworld® still has to review it. This can take some time. Therefore, companies who say it takes as little as two days don’t know what they are doing, find someone else.

Overall, expect about 1-2 weeks to become ISNetworld® compliant.

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ISNetworld® – 3 Common Complaints

Many of you are complaining about a few things in ISNetworld®. These things are OSHA 300 logs, insurance and safety programs. Here are a few tips to get these items approved in ISNetworld®.

First, OSHA 300 logs. Many of you do not have to fill them out, do not want to fill them out and do not want to release names. I cannot say I blame you. However, if you don’t put these forms in ISNetworld® it may hold you up in getting a contract, paid or work. Here is a tip, instead of putting the employee name down, put Privacy Case. This way you are still complying with submitting an OSHA 300 log, but you also are able to keep all of your employee information private. Remember you are only to put down OSHA recordable accidents, therefore, not every accident is an OSHA recordable.

Second, insurance. Either the insurance limits that are being asked are way too high and exceeding state standards or they keep getting denied. If you think the limits being requested are too high call the company that you are doing business with NOT ISNetworld®. ISNetworld® will just tell you that is what is being requested and that you need it. Call the company and speak with them, ask them if they would accept your current limits. Also, you can always request a waiver in ISNetworld® in order to avoid purchasing additional insurance. This may save you some money, but it is not always guaranteed that the waiver will be approved. If your issue is that your insurance continues to get denied call your insurance agent and list the reasons for the denial. If they can fix it they will. If they are saying that the limits are there, it is not expired, etc., then call ISNetworld® with the insurance agent on the phone. This way everything can be easily communicated, the broker will know what to put on the certificate and ISNetworld® may approve it on the phone.

Third, safety programs. These programs are designed to attempt to make your company safer. In reality they are a pain in the butt. Review all of your safety programs before submitting them to ISNetworld®.   On the questionnaire you need to select “yes” for each requirement and list the page number. If it is not in the safety program get it in there, but don’t just add it in the safety program remember to tell your employees of the changes as well. Now for those of you that don’t need certain safety programs but it is being requested anyway, get one. You can call and complain until you are blue in the face, but you will be told the company is requesting it, so you must have it. Take the time to draft the program. If you are having trouble find someone to help you.

These are the three biggest issues regarding ISNetworld®, but they are solvable. Not everything is ISNetworld®’s fault, but they are not always the easiest to work with. You guys can get your account in the green, best of luck!

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ISNetworld® Consultants – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

I was recently looking through the internet at people’s complaints regarding third party consultants and ISNetworld®. What I found was horrible. Many companies are charging outrageous prices and guaranteeing compliance in little as 24 to 72 hours. Then they are adding on additional services that they claim you need, after you paid your initial fee, signed a contract, and turned over all of your company information.

First, if a company makes you sign a year contract, don’t. Things can change, you may not want to continue with your contract or you may have additional problems with the company you are doing business with. What is the point of signing a contract and throwing money out the window? The economy still sucks and every penny kept in your pocket counts.

Second, there is no such thing as 24-72 hour compliance. Why is this? Because after you submit everything to ISNetworld® they take up to 3 business days to approve some documents. This means your document may not be approved extending this period longer. Also, consultants will add the information you give them. So if it takes you a week to find your OSHA logs for the past three years, then guess who is not getting compliant in 72 hours? You!

Third, it should not cost you an additional $2,000-$12,000 on top of ISNetworld®’s fee to become compliant. This means you are getting ripped off! Why would you pay someone to do something for $5,000 when you can pay someone else who is just as competent for $1,000 or less? Once again keeping more money in your pocket should be not only important to you but the person you hire!

Fourth, you don’t need everything they are telling you you need. If a company is stating you need a substance abuse program before they even look into your account, don’t believe them. If they are telling you to purchase additional insurance without showing proof you need it, don’t purchase it. A lot of people will tell you that they can do it all for $2,000 plus the fees for safety programs, document review or similar items. It shouldn’t! If you are paying that much money it should be all inclusive.

Fifth, don’t believe the old saying “you get what you pay for.” Just because there is a company out there that is cheaper does not mean that you will not get just as good results as the top dollar company. Many people opened up their own companies believing they could do everything that is ISNetworld®, PEC Premier and similar companies. This is not the case. Make sure you get exactly what you pay for; a company that is experienced, employees that are competent in the field, a company that has a strong client base, and most importantly someone that is up front with you. If you get that odd feeling something is wrong, you are paying too much or someone doesn’t seem to be truthful, believe your gut!

There are good companies out there willing to help you, you just have to find them!

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ISNetworld® Complaints or Compliance

Have you begun the exciting process of becoming ISNetworld® compliant? Is your computer still in one piece or have you thrown it out the window? Do you have no idea why you need certain safety programs or insurance limits? I understand exactly how you feel.

Even though I help companies become compliant for ISNetworld® does not mean I don’t get frustrated as well. However, it is not necessarily ISNetworld®’s fault. ISNetworld® is just the middle man between you and the owner client (for example Bristol Meyers, Encana, etc.). That means the owner client that you are doing business with is the one requiring you to meet the different criteria of safety programs, insurance limits, training and other information. Don’t call ISNetworld® with your complaints as they are there just to verify that you have the information that is being requested by the owner client. Take all of your ISNetworld® complaints to the owner client. Outsourcing safety requirements and information is not really worth it to us, but for these larger companies it is because they don’t have to manage all of the paperwork, they can just login and see if you have all the information they want.

So what do you do? Don’t bother calling ISNetworld® to complain or tell them that you don’t need a safety program. Believe me when I say I have seen some funny things on ISNetworld®. Instead of submitting training documents I have seen a piece of paper with the worlds “don’t need this” written on it and submitted. Or another good is example where you answer the questions for the safety programs and are able to provide comments, people write “don’t have one.” Instead call your contact with the owner client and complain to them and find out why they are requesting you to have the various safety programs, training or other documentation. The more people who speak up and say something the less popular ISNetworld® would be. Right now ISNetworld® is the new bubble. Companies like it because they are able to take a back seat and let everyone else handle the dirty work, the complaints, and the frustration while pretending to be the good guy. However, when you are voicing your ISNetworld® complaints you need to walk the fine line with the owner client. You complain too much and they might get rid of you, don’t complain enough you may need to do additional work or training to keep your contract. Some people say forget it all together and get rid of the contract because they do not want to jump through all the hoops and rather lose the contract. I would want to keep the contract and become ISNetworld® compliant and keep a limited amount of ISNetworld® complaints to myself.

If you are having trouble becoming ISNetworld® compliant do yourself a favor and don’t throw your computer through the window and get some help. Your list of ISNetworld® complaints can grow to the size of a football field. I get that you don’t think you need CPR because you work by yourself, if you go down you can’t save yourself. I understand that you don’t want to purchase an extra million dollar liability insurance plan because the plan you have has been good for years. You need to weigh the pros and cons and figure out what is best for your company and sanity. If you want to talk to someone that understands your frustrations, get you ISNetworld® complaint, yet let you voice your ISNetworld® complaints and not hold it against you, give me a call.

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Help With the ISNetworld® Process – Summing It Up

To begin working with ISNetworld® you have to do a few things first. The very first step is creating an account with ISNetworld®. The next step is to log into your account and complete their handy dandy video tutorial. Next, you should have all the information you need to begin answering the 4 part questionnaire. To begin with section one you should have your NAICS code, work types, and basic company information. Once this is all plugged into your account you move onto section two. This section has many of the forms you need to submit. These include insurance documents, OSHA logs, Experience Modification Ratings, and workers compensation forms. Submitting these documents can be easy if you have everything you need. However, some of your documents may need to be changed to be company specific. Fox example, your certificates of insurance will need to have the company you are doing business with added as an additional insured.

The third section of ISNetworld® is the most daunting, annoying and frustrating task of all. Here comes the multi section questionnaire that contains over 100 questions. Answering these questions are annoying because once you think you have all the documents or knowledge you may need, you have to go look for more information. This can be very time consuming. Included in this section is the past three years of OSHA log information, including the number of employees, total hours worked and how many OSHA recordable accidents you have. Once you make it through the entire questionnaire you next move onto safety programs and training records. Your programs may need to be changed, information added, or taken away to meet the requirements of ISNetworld®. Also, you will need to have proof of company specific training. ISNetworld® creates a list of the trainings which are being required and you added your certificates to this section.

After completing numerous ISNetworld® accounts we can make this process sound extremely easy. Truth be told, we get frustrated with ISNetworld® too. The questions and documents are just a portion of the process. Dealing with picky employees on behalf of ISNetworld® is the hard part. Some want one thing, others want another, and every quarter it changes. ISNetworld® swears they are improving the process, but company owners are just as frustrated today as they were over a year ago. The process is not becoming seamless and it may make you feel like giving up. Don’t. We understand you need your contracts, the work you do helps put food on employee’s tables. Call us we can help, this will allow you to have the time to focus on the more important parts of your business.

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ISNetworld®’s Owner Client Requirement of Waiver of Subrogation for Insurance

When you are a contracting with ISNetworld® and an Owner Client requires you to have specific insurance requirements there are certain implications this has on your company.  Not only do you have a contract, vendor agreement or master service agreement for specific services, but the insurance requirements that the company requests you have creates new conditions under the contract.  For example if you have a contract with an owner client, called Big Company Inc. to perform 15 hours of service a week in exchange for $1,000 payment per week.  These conditions in addition to having an account with ISNetworld® are the only conditions in your contract.  However, you must have insurance.  After answering the pre-questionnaire on ISNetworld® your insurance requirements are specified.  If you don’t have these specific requirements in your certificate of insurance or COI, then your insurance will not be verified through ISNetworld®.  If you do not receive this verification you are not in compliance with the terms of your contract and you may lose your opportunity to work for Big Company Inc., which in turn makes you lose money.

Meeting all of the insurance requirements is very important.  One of those terms will be a waiver of subrogation clause.  This clause is most likely will be placed on your COI and will have similar verbiage to “waiver of subrogation in favor of Big Company Inc.”  But the implications that this clause has on your company is large.  This simple statement means that you are agreeing to give up your rights to a lawsuit, claim or discussion if another company is negligent in any way.

For example:  You contract with Big Company Inc. for services and your COI contains a waiver for subrogation, that states “Waiver of Subrogation in favor of Big Company Inc.”  You are on the job site and an employee of Big Company Inc. is negligent and drops an axe on one of your employees cutting off their foot.  Your employee goes to the hospital, incurs hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills and is now on disability.  What does this mean for your company?  Because your company agreed to the waiver of subrogation you cannot sue Big Company Inc. for their negligence, you must make a claim on your insurance to cover the cost of the employee, your workers compensation claims increase and your experience modification rating is increased.  On the other hand Big Company Inc. is not affected at all because you agreed to hold them NOT liable in any way while performing services for them.   This is what the waiver of subrogation does.  It holds the company you are contracting with not liable if they are or are not liable.  The only person who benefits from this waiver is the owner client.

The best thing to do is avoid blanket waivers of subrogation.  This means not to have a waiver of subrogation that is very broad that it only benefits the owner client.  Instead make a waiver of subrogation more specific.  One way of doing this is by qualifying it, therefore, you agree to a waiver of subrogation but only when you, your company or employees are at fault.  You could include language similar to:

“It is agreed that as respects Additional Insured’s covered under this policy we waive our right to subrogate against the Additional Insured where the named “insured” has waived its right of subrogation against such Additional Insured as part of a written contract with the name ensured, but only where the claims, suits and/or damages in question arise out of the sole negligence of the named insured.  This waiver afforded shall not apply to claims, suits and/or damages arising in whole or in part out of the acts, omissions, and/or negligence of the Additional Insured.”

**Instead of saying Additional Insured you may use the owner client’s name.  This is just an example and you should discuss it with your insurance broker before submitting the certificate of insurance to ISNetworld®.  Insurance varies from state to state and internationally.  Please remember that this is just my opinion and should be discussed with an insurance broker.**

Most of the time, ISNetworld®’s review process should approve the waiver of subrogation that is qualified because they only check to see if a waiver of subrogation exists.  However, please note that you may not be able to do it all of the time or in certain jurisdictions.  It is best to qualify your waiver.  It is hard enough for a company to pay increased costs when their employees are negligent, but when it is another person’s employees or company that is negligent your company should not have to pay for their mistakes.  It is not just a simple clause to agree to.  There are other implications that can cost your company a lot of money.


  1. Discuss your options with your insurance broker.
  2. Determine what is right for your company.
  3. Review the costs associated with an insurance claim on your insurance.
  4. Know what you’re agreeing to before submitting your certificate of insurance.
  5. Don’t be afraid to submit a certificate with a qualified statement regarding waivers of  subrogation.
  6. Try to avoid blanket waivers of subrogation

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ISNetworld®’s MSQ: 3 Ways to Work Through the MSQ

ISNetworld®’s Management System Questionnaire™ or MSQ™ is a long questionnaire which needs to be answered by everyone who creates an account with ISNetworld®.  There are two main components of the MSQ™; General and United States.  The General section of the MSQ™ contains approximately 40 questions about the history of your company.  For example, the company name, contact, type of work, etc.  The longer section of the MSQ™ is the United States portion.  This portion contains fifteen subcategories, each which contain a series of questions.  These questions can seem overwhelming, however, if you attack the MSQ™ in these three steps you will make it through the questionnaire with minimal problems.

Gather all of the required information in advance:

You will need specific information to get through the MSQ™.  It is best to gather all the information you need in advance instead of playing hunt and search while being in the middle of the questionnaire.  Some of the information you will need is the past three years of your company’s OSHA 300 and 300a forms.  These will help you answer questions regarding your total employees, total hours worked, and total accidents.  You will also need to find your total miles driven and total accidents if you have a commercial motor vehicle.  You should also find your company’s NAICS code as you will need to input this.

Other information you will need is what personal protective equipment you require for your job sites, what kind of personal protective equipment the company you are working for requires, what safety programs your company currently has and what safety programs the company you are working for requires.  Gathering information regarding the above four topics will aid you in answering the questions.  It is best to be honest.  If you currently do not have a safety program, for example, Process Safety Management, then answer the question “no.”  If you company adds a safety program later you may always go back into the MSQ™ and change a question at a later time.

If you have all the information above working through the United States portion of the MSQ™ will be easier.

Set aside time do complete the MSQ™

Turn the coffee pot on!  The MSQ™ will most likely take you about 3 hours to complete.  That is if you have everything you need and you have a working knowledge of the programs the company you are contracting with wants you to have and what programs you actually have.  If you have all the required information getting through the MSQ™ will take you less time.  However, there are hundreds of questions to answer, it takes time to work through it.  It is best to know this in advance in order to set the appropriate time aside to complete it.

If you begin to get frustrated, take a quick break.  However, if you walk away from your computer make sure you hit the Save/Next arrow button on the bottom of the page, otherwise the questions you answered on that particular page may not save.  Remember computers can be glitchy so do not walk away for long because you may have to complete an entire section over.  This can be even more frustrating than answering the questions originally.  Be patient you can complete it.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

If you are struggling with a particular question or section of the MSQ™ call ISNetworld®’s customer service for help.  ISNetworld®’s call center can help you address some of the questions you may have and are available by calling 1-800-976-1303.

If you have called customer service and you still cannot work through the problem, don’t be afraid to call back and speak to another representative or seek another avenue to get the assistance you need.  For example, call someone you know that has an ISNetworld® account or a third party consultant.  However, you most likely will get your questions answered by reaching out to ISNetworld®.

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How to get the most out of your ISNetworld® account

Getting the most out of your ISNetworld® account subscription should be a top priority for your business—if it is not already. With growing marketplace competition, differentiating your business from your competitors is becoming an arduous task in and of itself. And, simply becoming compliant with your primary contractors (aka owner-clients) via the ISNetworld® framework is not enough. You have to look beyond the obvious and use your ISNetworld® subscription to yield every advantage you can so as to maximize the benefits to your company. Take these seven steps to leverage your ISNetworld® account to reap the rewards of a competitive advantage:

Step #1:  Get your account in good standing

It goes without saying, but before you can get a competitive advantage your business must be in good standing with ISNetworld®. The MSQ questionnaires must be completed, all written safety programs submitted and reviewed, insurance must be current, etc. all before your account can transcend the original purposes intended by ISNetworld®. Take some time and get your account compliant so that you can make moves your competition is not thinking about. If you need help with this process, look at some of our other articles for additional resources.

Step #2: Use the ISNetworld® Logo

According to the ISNetworld® Trademark and Logo Policy, there are three categories in which an organization may use the ISNetworld® logo, which could lead to an advantage over those who do not use the logo. Data providers, contractors, and insurance agents each have a specific logo available for use in marketing materials such as brochures or business cards. ISNetworld® also permits the usage of the logos on corporate websites so long as the logo hyperlinks back to the ISNetworld® homepage.

As of the date of this article, ISNetworld® reported that there are over 45,000 contractor and supplier account subscriptions. Furthermore, only 270 owner-client subscriptions were reported on the homepage. This would indicate a significant opportunity for many small to mid-sized business to take advantage their status as an account subscriber, especially when some companies do not have an ISNetworld® account or refuse to acquire one.

Step #3: 270 Potential Customers of your Product or Service

It is exceedingly obvious that since ISNetworld® makes their illustrious owner-client companies public knowledge by publishing them on the website, sale initiatives could be begin by contacting these companies. A major component of the Request for Proposal (RFP) process and other avenues of competitive bidding center around whether or not your company has an ISNetworld® account. Having an account established does save time and one can infer that attempts to acquire a Master Service Agreement or contract will like lead to a discussion on having an ISNetworld® account subscription. It is possible that one could contact the companies listed as owner-clients and negotiate a contract of which we know ISNetworld® will surface to the top as a viable requirement.

Step #4: Anything Measured…Improves

Surprisingly enough, one major benefit to using ISNetworld® is that many safety performance metrics are calculated for your company. Someone does need to input the data and that data should be accurate. A good strategy to employ in your company is to look at your severity rate, DART rate, TRIR, and other performance metrics. You will also be able to determine what the average incident rates are for your company on a national level. If you are above, below, or just average, make adjustments as necessary by striving for continual improvement.

Step #5: Request for Proposals (RFP’s) and Competitive Bidding

Leverage the fact your company has an ISNetworld® account. We have already discussed the fact you should use their logo within the granted permissions requirements, but when bidding out jobs for large general contractors leaving out the fact you have an ISNetworld® account could be a big mistake. It is advised that every ISNetworld® subscriber make the most of their account by letting procurement officers know about your willingness to be transparent and low risk. Competitive bid writing can involve a prowess and many writers need all the help they can get to maintain low risk, high quality, and services/products at competitive pricing.

Flaunt your workers’ compensation experience modification rating (EMR), your low total recordable incident rate (TRIR), and the fact you have suitable safety programs. Most of all, you can feel confident that ISNetworld® has vetted your organization and found these rates to be verifiable. Including material that is collectively available, verified, and accurate can be a major selling point. Now, get started writing on all those RFP’s!

Step #6: Get Featured

Here’s an exercise you can perform on your own. Go to or or your favorite search engine and type in the following:

“ISNetworld Construction”

Did you see any “featured” companies in the top ten? Now, search for your company and ISNetworld®. Is your company featured the same way? Probably not unless you have reached the spotlight and are featured. Call ISNetworld® and see what the cost may be to get a little more exposure, if you need it. Marketing is often an overlooked component of business for smaller companies and getting ahead means getting the most bang out of each advertising dollar. Remember this…not every competitor is going to subscribe to ISNetworld® so be sure that you dominate by exposing your status!

Step #7: Use Features!

ISNetworld® probably has more features than most account subscribers are using, which means that most subscribers are overlooking potentially valuable assets. For example, you can upload and maintain employee training records. ID cards can be made and issued for your employees. You can even get ISNetworld® stickers for your hard hats! Take a peak throughout your account and take advantage of the features you pay for, but likely fail to use. You might even find something you like!

Markus Wesaw is in no way endorsed, sponsored, approved by, or otherwise affiliated with ISNetworld®. ISNetworld®, ISN®, ISNetworld®, and RAVS® are registered trademarks of ISN Software Corporation.

ISNetworld®: What they really do and why you need them

ISNetworld® is a third party contractor that provides a database to maintain a copy of records.  ISNetworld® specializes in collecting documentation on behalf of various companies to ensure you are meeting specific requirements in order to remain compliant.  ISNetworld® uses the Review and Verification Services or RAVS® to determine if your information and documentation is correct.  ISNetworld® states it uses experts in completing the verification process and determining if you met all the regulations.

ISNetworld® will collect documentation such as:

  • Contractor Acknowledgement Form
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • OSHA 300 Forms
  • Safety Programs
  • Training Records

Once ISNetworld® has completed the collection process they will either accept or deny your documentation.  The goal is to get all of the documentation submitted accepted thereby giving your company compliance.

Before submitting the documentation required you should collect all of the appropriate documentation.  This sometimes is a daunting task because some companies do not keep good records of training and accidents.  It is important not to fake these documents because if you are caught it could cancel your contract with ISNetworld®, thereby losing the contract with the company you are conducting business with.  It may not be worth faking documentation if it loses you a large contract which is keeping you in business.

Now that you have a complete idea of what ISNetworld® really does let’s discuss why you need them.  Your company needs them because the companies you are working with require you to submit documentation through them.  It is easier for larger companies who require ISNetworld® to ensure you are maintaining and complying with safety initiatives when they have to do very little to review your documentation.  Large companies have the luxury of logging into a program and looking at your dashboard grade or quickly scanning to see if you have an orange exclamation point or green check mark.  It’s easy for them to determine if you are in compliance or not, which thereby allows them to determine if they should keep their contract with you or not.

In this economy it is not a hard decision to keep or loose contracts.  Therefore, if you are required to maintain ISNetworld® compliance you most likely will do it.  However, there are some of you out there who are very frustrated with ISNetworld® and would rather give up than continue to fight for compliance.  It is understandable that you are frustrated with ISNetworld® after attempting to complete the process for months or even years.  However, stick with it.  If you need help then look for a consultant or safety professional that can assist you.  It is easier to pay someone to help you for a low price than loose contracts because of a third party record keeper, because in reality that is all that ISNetworld® is.

ISNetworld® is needed to keep your contracts, go through the motions and maintain compliance.  If you need help find it, but remember ISNetworld® is simply a secretarial service that keeps track of your documents.  If you go through the process with that in mind it may be easier to deal with the ups and downs of the process.


Markus Wesaw is in no way endorsed, sponsored, approved by, or otherwise affiliated with ISNetworld®. ISNetworld®, ISN®, ISNetworld®, and RAVS® are registered trademarks of ISN Software Corporation.