ISNetworld® and a Third Party Consultant

You can get help with ISNetworld® by hiring a third party consultant. Just imagine you don’t have to be bothered with the questions, safety programs, documentation, insurance certificates, any of it! This is why a lot of people hire third party consultants. We go into your account, answer all of the questions, get all of […]

ISNetworld® Compliant Safety Programs vs. OSHA Compliant Safety Programs

I cannot stress this enough, ISNetworld® compliant safety programs are not always OSHA compliant safety programs. They are usually two different animals. We talk to people all the time that say well Company X says they can give me an OSHA compliant safety program based off of the ISNetworld® compliant safety programs. This may be […]

Why is my ISNetworld® grade low?

You answered all the questions in ISNetworld and submitted all of the required documentation but your grade is low. Now what? Usually when this happens you may have answered some of the questions wrong, not submitted the documentation correctly or reported information that was not needed. At this point you may need to call an […]

ISNetworld® Benefits

ISNetworld® states that the benefits of using them is saving time, building relationships, being part of a team and improving the safety culture. I don’t know about saving time unless you are an owner client, because the process to input all of the information can be a very timely process, especially if you are not […]

Hiring a Consultant for ISNetworld®

There are many different consultants out there for ISNetworld®. Each one of them is fighting to get your business. How do you pick the right one? You start by calling around or looking online to get an idea of cost. ISNetworld® consultants can be pricey. Just like buying a car the most expensive option is […]

Help with ISNetworld®

Do you need some help with ISNetworld®? Here are a few tips that will help you get through your account. First, collect all of your paperwork. This includes all of your contracts, insurance documents, workers compensation letters, experience modification rating, safety programs, training documents, OSHA logs and any thing else you may need. This will […]

OSHA Compliant v. RAVS® Compliant

There is a big difference between being OSHA complaint and RAVS® compliant. OSHA compliance means meeting every standard OSHA sets forth regarding a specific area. For example confined space training. A company must meet every standard in their safety manual set forth by the OSHA guidelines to become OSHA compliant. This means that your safety […]

Third Party Companies and ISNetworld®

ISNetworld® has a disclaimer at the bottom of their homepage that states third party companies claim to help you with your ISNetworld® account and may contact your company for business. You should be careful regarding these companies because they are not ISNetworld®. ISNetworld® does this because they believe that you can handle your account without […]

How long can it take to become compliant with ISNetworld®?

The timeline to become ISNetworld® complaint varies. Filling out all the information and questionnaires can take as little as one day. If you have all of the other information such as safety programs, insurance certificates, and training certificates it could take as little as a week. Safety programs usually get approved within about 5 days. […]