ISNetworld® and a Third Party Consultant

You can get help with ISNetworld® by hiring a third party consultant. Just imagine you don’t have to be bothered with the questions, safety programs, documentation, insurance certificates, any of it! This is why a lot of people hire third party consultants. We go into your account, answer all of the questions, get all of the documentation, and have you worry about very little.

This makes your job a lot easier. So how do you go about getting one? First, you can start by doing a simple internet search. This may bring up a lot of consultants and you can look through their website to find out what they do. Another option is to ask around to other companies to see whom they use.   Lets say you have one in mind but don’t know if they are good are not. You can always ask for references. If a company stands behind their work they should be able to provide you with at least two references.

Don’t be afraid to ask them questions. For example, what is your turn around time, I have a rush job can you do it, how many accounts do you manage, do you have experience with multiple owner clients, and what if I have a high EMR rating. A good consultant should be able to answer all of these questions off the top of their hat without sounding like they are reading from a script.

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ISNetworld® Compliant Safety Programs vs. OSHA Compliant Safety Programs

I cannot stress this enough, ISNetworld® compliant safety programs are not always OSHA compliant safety programs. They are usually two different animals. We talk to people all the time that say well Company X says they can give me an OSHA compliant safety program based off of the ISNetworld® compliant safety programs. This may be true for some of the shorter programs, but this is not the case for each and every ISNetworld® requirement for their safety programs.

ISNetworld® requires some of the OSHA standards to create their safety programs. When you go and answer the questions under the safety program list you will see a list of requirements to be an ISNetworld® compliant safety program. ISNetworld® does not list every requirement that is required by OSHA for all of their safety programs. For example OSHA requires sections A-Z to become an OSHA compliant safety program, while ISNetworld® requires A-C, D, and G. Therefore, some of the OSHA requirements are left out.

When a company tells you they will create an ISNetworld® compliant safety manual and claim that it also meets the OSHA requirements, but the safety manual is small, you need to questions if it is truly OSHA compliant. Also, these people will sell you safety programs that do not conform to your facility. A great example is the safety program for emergency evacuation. A lot of programs will say leave through the nearest exit and find a location to meet at. This is not a good safety program. You should have specific area which you should have employees to meet at in the safety manual. This way when you have an emergency there is no question what to do or where to go.

Be wary of the companies that claim their programs are OSHA compliant because they are ISNetworld® compliant. This may not always be the case.

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Why is my ISNetworld® grade low?

You answered all the questions in ISNetworld and submitted all of the required documentation but your grade is low. Now what? Usually when this happens you may have answered some of the questions wrong, not submitted the documentation correctly or reported information that was not needed. At this point you may need to call an ISNetworld® third party consultant to get the help you may need.

Why should you get a consultant?

Consultants deal with the issues all of the time. They are able to review all of your questions and documentation to determine where you went wrong. They can also review your safety manuals to make sure you have all of the information in there that ISNetworld® requires.   Now can you imagine you just took all of that time to enter your information and you did not get the grade you need, and then having to go through the entire process again to see where you may have messed up? Neither can I. Call an ISNetworld® third party consultant who can help you.

Are all grades able to be increased?

No. Sometimes you have too many serious accidents that your grade cannot be increased. What constitutes too many varies from company to company. If you have any questions call and ask.

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ISNetworld® Benefits

ISNetworld® states that the benefits of using them is saving time, building relationships, being part of a team and improving the safety culture. I don’t know about saving time unless you are an owner client, because the process to input all of the information can be a very timely process, especially if you are not familiar with their system. You can however, reach out to other companies to build relationships and add more owner clients to your existing account. This might be a good way to add clients to your growing business. Improving the safety culture is also a big part of it. This is because you have to report accidents, OSHA recordables, spills, and other similar items. If you get too many of these you can loose your contract because your grade will lower. Therefore, you will want to communicate to your employees that safety is an important part of your work environment. Too many times employees get complacent and make silly mistakes. If you stay on top of your employees and get them proper training they should be safer.

So how does all of this really help you? The safer you are the less money you spend in insurance and workers compensation. Training may cost you money in the beginning but it can get you contracts, keep your guys safer and save you money in the long run. Lets be honest, the more money you can save the better and the more jobs you can get the more money in your pocket.   This is why hiring the proper ISNetworld® consultant is important. Not only should they be able to manage your account, but they should be able to provide you with the training that you need. If they can’t do this think about getting a new ISNetworld® consultant.   Some ISNetworld® consultants are safety professionals. This means they have certain qualifications and certifications that can help you manage your account, draft safety programs, train your guys and help you if you get audited. Finding this person will save you money because you won’t have to hire different individuals to help you get through any problems you may encounter.

You may not see the benefits of ISNetworld® in the beginning, but they are there, you just have to look.

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Hiring a Consultant for ISNetworld®

There are many different consultants out there for ISNetworld®. Each one of them is fighting to get your business. How do you pick the right one? You start by calling around or looking online to get an idea of cost. ISNetworld® consultants can be pricey. Just like buying a car the most expensive option is not always the best choice. You have to look at the features of the consultant just like looking at the features of the car.

Do they have experience? This is the best question to ask. If someone is just starting out they will not have the tricks of the trade. If someone is handling multiple accounts they will have more experience and be able to get you through the process faster and easier.

Do they have the time? New ISNetworld® consultants are popping up all over the place.   The problem is they have full time jobs and are doing this on the side. Your time is money and being able to get through the process fast is part of what you are paying for. You don’t want to pay someone to take his or her time and mosey on along through the compliance process.

How much do they cost? So many companies cost a lot of money and they do not perform to the level that you would like. They take their time, make lots of mistakes, and don’t answer your phone calls after you pay them. We find the best way to get an ISNetworld® consultant is to ask your friends who they use and if they like them. Knowing someone who has an ISNetworld® consultant they like or hate is the best tip you can get. This way you know your not throwing away money your investing it.

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How to get started with ISNetworld®

Where do you even begin if you want or need an ISNetworld® account? The first step is to call ISNetworld® and tell them you are interested in becoming a member. They will ask you a few questions to set up your account. The next step is to pay them for your services. To figure out how much they will charge check out this video, also at the bottom of this page. Then once your payment goes through they will have you complete an online training video. The training video will not take long, but you must finish it to get into your account. Then you start imputing all of the information about your company. This is called your company profile. Once this is completed then you can start adding all of the pertinent information such as insurance documents, safety programs and the long questionnaire. It is easy to get started with an ISNetworld® account just take the first step and call them.

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Help with ISNetworld®

Do you need some help with ISNetworld®? Here are a few tips that will help you get through your account.

First, collect all of your paperwork. This includes all of your contracts, insurance documents, workers compensation letters, experience modification rating, safety programs, training documents, OSHA logs and any thing else you may need. This will save you time when you need to add the documents to your account because you won’t be playing hunt and search for them.

Second, plan to take a good chunk of time out of your day to sit down and get it done. Do not expect to get this done in a few minutes. The questionnaire is very long and it takes time to get through it, even if you know all of the answers.

Third, do not expect to get compliant by the end of the day. ISNetworld® takes time to review the documents you submit to ensure they are correct. This can take a few business days or longer depending on the reviewer.

Fourth, if you start to get frustrated take a break. It is easy to get frustrated with any computer program, so if you do take a break, grab some coffee and come back to it.

Fifth, don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Your first line of defense is to call ISNetworld®. If they can’t help you then call a third party consultant who is familiar with the problems you are having.

Good luck!

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OSHA Compliant v. RAVS® Compliant

There is a big difference between being OSHA complaint and RAVS® compliant. OSHA compliance means meeting every standard OSHA sets forth regarding a specific area. For example confined space training. A company must meet every standard in their safety manual set forth by the OSHA guidelines to become OSHA compliant. This means that your safety manual can grow exponentially.

On the other hand RAVS® compliance is a different animal. ISNetworld® picks various OSHA requirements and wants your company to meet these requirements. This means that not all of the requirements given to meet an ISNetworld® safety program will qualify you for an OSHA compliant safety program. It is important to know the difference because you may need an OSHA compliant safety program for certain contractors.

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Third Party Companies and ISNetworld®

ISNetworld® has a disclaimer at the bottom of their homepage that states third party companies claim to help you with your ISNetworld® account and may contact your company for business. You should be careful regarding these companies because they are not ISNetworld®.

ISNetworld® does this because they believe that you can handle your account without any help or if you need help they can resolve all your problems. This may not always be the case. Some companies try for months or years to become ISNetworld® compliant. It is not always easy because you may be a small company and do not believe you need certain programs or you cannot get your insurance approved. Third party companies can help with this because they service multiple accounts and can determine what insurance is mandatory, what can be waived and what changes need to be made to safety programs to get you complaint. Not all third party companies are bad or even charge a lot. If a company claims they can get you compliant but it will cost an arm and a leg plus an annual subscription avoid them. There are much cheaper companies out there with annual subscriptions or even on a per job basis that can often do a better job. Call around and ask your friends whom they go through. It can save you time and a headache.

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