How long can it take to become compliant with ISNetworld®?

The timeline to become ISNetworld® complaint varies. Filling out all the information and questionnaires can take as little as one day. If you have all of the other information such as safety programs, insurance certificates, and training certificates it could take as little as a week. Safety programs usually get approved within about 5 days. EMRs, OSHA logs, workers compensation certificates can take about 4 days to get approved. Training documents can take about 5 days as well. Insurance is a whole other animal. Expect your insurance certificate to come back rejected at least once. It is easy to send over the requirements to your insurance broker, but even then there can be some mistakes, which causes it to get rejected. Stay patient. ISNetworld® usually takes 5 days to review this as well, however I have seen them be reviewed the next day and I have seen them reviewed a month later.

Stay away from companies that say you can get compliant within 24-48 hours. This is not true because once you submit everything, ISNetworld® still has to review it. This can take some time. Therefore, companies who say it takes as little as two days don’t know what they are doing, find someone else.

Overall, expect about 1-2 weeks to become ISNetworld® compliant.

Markus Wesaw is in no way endorsed, sponsored, approved by, or otherwise affiliated with ISNetworld®.