How to get the most out of your ISNetworld® account

Getting the most out of your ISNetworld® account subscription should be a top priority for your business—if it is not already. With growing marketplace competition, differentiating your business from your competitors is becoming an arduous task in and of itself. And, simply becoming compliant with your primary contractors (aka owner-clients) via the ISNetworld® framework is not enough. You have to look beyond the obvious and use your ISNetworld® subscription to yield every advantage you can so as to maximize the benefits to your company. Take these seven steps to leverage your ISNetworld® account to reap the rewards of a competitive advantage:

Step #1:  Get your account in good standing

It goes without saying, but before you can get a competitive advantage your business must be in good standing with ISNetworld®. The MSQ questionnaires must be completed, all written safety programs submitted and reviewed, insurance must be current, etc. all before your account can transcend the original purposes intended by ISNetworld®. Take some time and get your account compliant so that you can make moves your competition is not thinking about. If you need help with this process, look at some of our other articles for additional resources.

Step #2: Use the ISNetworld® Logo

According to the ISNetworld® Trademark and Logo Policy, there are three categories in which an organization may use the ISNetworld® logo, which could lead to an advantage over those who do not use the logo. Data providers, contractors, and insurance agents each have a specific logo available for use in marketing materials such as brochures or business cards. ISNetworld® also permits the usage of the logos on corporate websites so long as the logo hyperlinks back to the ISNetworld® homepage.

As of the date of this article, ISNetworld® reported that there are over 45,000 contractor and supplier account subscriptions. Furthermore, only 270 owner-client subscriptions were reported on the homepage. This would indicate a significant opportunity for many small to mid-sized business to take advantage their status as an account subscriber, especially when some companies do not have an ISNetworld® account or refuse to acquire one.

Step #3: 270 Potential Customers of your Product or Service

It is exceedingly obvious that since ISNetworld® makes their illustrious owner-client companies public knowledge by publishing them on the website, sale initiatives could be begin by contacting these companies. A major component of the Request for Proposal (RFP) process and other avenues of competitive bidding center around whether or not your company has an ISNetworld® account. Having an account established does save time and one can infer that attempts to acquire a Master Service Agreement or contract will like lead to a discussion on having an ISNetworld® account subscription. It is possible that one could contact the companies listed as owner-clients and negotiate a contract of which we know ISNetworld® will surface to the top as a viable requirement.

Step #4: Anything Measured…Improves

Surprisingly enough, one major benefit to using ISNetworld® is that many safety performance metrics are calculated for your company. Someone does need to input the data and that data should be accurate. A good strategy to employ in your company is to look at your severity rate, DART rate, TRIR, and other performance metrics. You will also be able to determine what the average incident rates are for your company on a national level. If you are above, below, or just average, make adjustments as necessary by striving for continual improvement.

Step #5: Request for Proposals (RFP’s) and Competitive Bidding

Leverage the fact your company has an ISNetworld® account. We have already discussed the fact you should use their logo within the granted permissions requirements, but when bidding out jobs for large general contractors leaving out the fact you have an ISNetworld® account could be a big mistake. It is advised that every ISNetworld® subscriber make the most of their account by letting procurement officers know about your willingness to be transparent and low risk. Competitive bid writing can involve a prowess and many writers need all the help they can get to maintain low risk, high quality, and services/products at competitive pricing.

Flaunt your workers’ compensation experience modification rating (EMR), your low total recordable incident rate (TRIR), and the fact you have suitable safety programs. Most of all, you can feel confident that ISNetworld® has vetted your organization and found these rates to be verifiable. Including material that is collectively available, verified, and accurate can be a major selling point. Now, get started writing on all those RFP’s!

Step #6: Get Featured

Here’s an exercise you can perform on your own. Go to or or your favorite search engine and type in the following:

“ISNetworld Construction”

Did you see any “featured” companies in the top ten? Now, search for your company and ISNetworld®. Is your company featured the same way? Probably not unless you have reached the spotlight and are featured. Call ISNetworld® and see what the cost may be to get a little more exposure, if you need it. Marketing is often an overlooked component of business for smaller companies and getting ahead means getting the most bang out of each advertising dollar. Remember this…not every competitor is going to subscribe to ISNetworld® so be sure that you dominate by exposing your status!

Step #7: Use Features!

ISNetworld® probably has more features than most account subscribers are using, which means that most subscribers are overlooking potentially valuable assets. For example, you can upload and maintain employee training records. ID cards can be made and issued for your employees. You can even get ISNetworld® stickers for your hard hats! Take a peak throughout your account and take advantage of the features you pay for, but likely fail to use. You might even find something you like!

Markus Wesaw is in no way endorsed, sponsored, approved by, or otherwise affiliated with ISNetworld®. ISNetworld®, ISN®, ISNetworld®, and RAVS® are registered trademarks of ISN Software Corporation.